Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 4.51.16 PMAre you a Model who is friendly, outgoing and social? If so, then Promotional Modeling may be the gig you have been looking for.

Promotional models are hired like spokes models, in order to increase the general public’s awareness of a particular product or service.

There is not a great deal of physical or mental labor that needs to go into the process, but it does require energy and stamina, as well as the patience to work with a variety of different people and answer any questions that they may have. However, the main goal is to have fun and make the public have fun as well, thereby associating fun and sexiness with the product itself that the manufacturers are promoting with the help of the individual models.

Many of these events take place over the course of a weekend or a number of days. The pay for these positions can vary depending on the particular manufacturer. More well-known manufacturers can and will afford to pay more for their models. The less developed manufacturers may pass less. However, models can typically expect to make $20 an hour and up, based on experience level and demand.

Sometimes there is only one model for the particular product, and other times there is a team of girls. When there is a team of girls, there are some instances in which the girls will be able to expand their influences far beyond the individual event, but they can also, if they are in high demand, go on promotional tours or have calendars based around the images of the girls and the product that they represent. This is beneficial not just for the model, but for the product as well since this gains exposure for both of these commodities.

There are a number of models that, before making it big, spent time working in the promotional arena in order to have work and make a steady income while still maintaining work that would supplement their resume in the modeling world.

In addition to being fun, many women that assume these positions are able to generate a lot of exposure for themselves. There are visitors taking photographs, as well as other manufacturers observing the environment. Because of this, and the fact that the pictures may be distributed to some agencies as well as online, a model can be discovered in a variety of different ways.

At the end of the day, many people are able to enjoy success, fun, and financial freedom as a result of working as promotional models for Model Complex Promotions!

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